Χατζηκυριάκειο Ίδρυμα Παιδικής ΠροστασίαςChatzikiriakeio Foundation of Child Support is a historic foundation providing child protection in Greece. It was founded by John Chatzikiriakos and his wife Marigo by the Royal Decree of 9 June 1889. It was inaugurated by Queen Olga on 19 January 1904. Since then, the Foundation ensures an uninterrupted operation for more than a hundred years and provides child care and protection on a nation-wide level.

Our vision

All children of the world to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and have morals, good habits and skills necessary for their life.

Our mission

According to Article 3 of the Statute of the Foundation: “The purpose of the Foundation is the care of orphan and indigent little girls, such as their education, their teaching and craft learning for their livelihood and their marriage achievement”.

Social changes over time, necessitate the expansion of its purposes.

Today, the Foundation provides comprehensive care and support to girls from the age of six, whose families are facing social and economic problems and come from different cultural backgrounds.

It offers housing, accommodation, health care, education, moral education, counseling and emotional support from social workers and psychologists, educational and extracurricular activities, financial support to students studying in Higher Educational Institutions and Technological Educational Institutions, while it provides financial support in cases of graduate female students, who face chronic health problems and are not capable to work.

We seek to protect children in need, by taking care of them, preventively and actively in every way, train them and prepare them for their lives.

Our base

We essentially embrace the will of the founder of Chatzikiriakeio regarding respect and cultivation of moral principles and values of the society and current legislation. We actively adopt the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and Life Rules in order to ensure a smooth, pleasant, peaceful, creative, productive and beneficial cohabitation of humans.

Our beliefs

  • In Civil Society, the existence of organized and trustworthy recipients and managers of charities in the world is essential, because it ensures the effective realization of social work.
  • Children’s needs in each season are leading our action.
  • We work with an open mind, so that moral values and attitudes of the founder of Chatzikiriakeio will be served and always be oriented towards the needs of child protection.
  • Tomorrow, world can become more human through proper development of children

We express our love to children by caring for them and protecting them in order to be healthy, to have the essentials for their lives and have morals and good habits. We invest in education because it prevents social exclusion. This way they can make tomorrow’s world more human for everyone.

The child and its family are one thing

We support family and adults involved with children in general in order to optimally achieve our mission. We recognize and honor selfless contribution, Volunteering, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our values

  • Justice, honesty and ethical behavior are prerequisites for success.
  • Teamwork and mutual respect, transparency, functionality, responsibility and enthusiasm exemplify children and give excellent results.

Quality is a prerequisite to the operation of Chatzikiriakeio.