Student Program of the Foundation

Children participate in a variety of activities that respond to their interests and abilities.

  • Educational activities (proper study organization and enhancement of skills)
  • Sporting activities
  • Artistic activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Camping programs (participation of our female students in camps with other peers)
  • Standard educational program operation since 2007 “Plan for the Future” to inform, raise awareness and cultivate the skills of the female students of our Foundation in many areas (environmental education, health education, healthy eating, intercultural education, vocational guidance, theatrical education, etc.).

Objectives associated with the education of the students of the Foundation:

  • Their care and protection providing daily support and aid.
  • Their socialization, an important process in shaping the personality and the guidelines to encourage behaviors and experiences.
  • The transmission of morals, customs and rules.

The transmission of skills and habits, which are necessary for the participation of the individual in the society.