Chatzikiriakeio Foundation is a private legal entity (private law organization) – Foundation of the Civil Code. It is a charitable, non-profit Foundation and seeks charity in the sense of Article 1 paragraph 3 of Law 4182/2013 “Code of utility properties, vacant succession and other provisions” (Greek Government Gazette 185/A/09.10.2013), as amended applies to replace the abolished Law 2039/1939 “On modification, complementation and coding of laws about deletion and administration in state and charitable purpose of bequests and donations” (Greek Government Gazette 455/A/1939) and the relevant laws and is subject to control and supervision of the Minister of Finance and the Secretary General of the Decentralized Administration of Attica (Directorate of National Endowments), according to Article 1 paragraph 4 of Law. 4182/2013.

The charitable purpose of our Foundation is in accordance with Article 3 of its Statute, which was approved by 12.26.1896 RD (Greek Government Gazette 5/B/01.14.1897) and modified by 28/08/1898 RD (Greek Government Gazette 25/B/09.14.1898), is “the care of orphan and indigent little girls, such as their education, their teaching and craft learning for their livelihood and their marriage achievement”.

Our Foundation is registered in the National Register of Private Non-Profit Institutions providing Social Care services, as well as in the Special Register of Voluntary and Non Governmental Organizations of Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare and its certification from the National Center for Social Solidarity was renewed by protocol number D23/46469/3442 (ADA74FZL-PS31) decision, published in the Greek Government Gazette 3437/B/ 12.22.2014. As for the social work provided, it is supervised by the Social Director of the General Directorate of Public Health and Social Welfare of Attica Region (Regional Unit of Piraeus).