Operation Programs

The Chatzikiriakeio Foundation’s operation includes four programs:

  • The majority of children appertain to the Closed Care program whereby girls are staying in the Foundation premises and visit the family environment on weekends, school holidays and summer vacations.
  • The Family and Child Center or Open Care takes care of underage girls from the wider area of Piraeus, who visit the Foundation, after school, they participate in the activities of the closed program students and return to the family environment in the evening.
  • The semi-independent living program concerns the transition of children from the program of the Closed Care Program to an Open type Protection, so they can return to the families after strengthening the family bonds. This refers to girls, coming from the “Closed Care”, that have returned to their families because problems that forced them to join the Foundation have been eliminated. These children until their complete and final reintegration, are supported and monitored by the Social Service of Chatzikiriakeio.
  • The program of the Autonomous Living includes graduate girls (over 18), supported and monitored in a regular basis by the Foundation, who due to studies or social problems, are staying outside the Boarding House.