Our Children

Τα παιδιά μας

Chatzikiriakeio Foundation is a hug embracing, with unparalleled affection and love of a true parent, girls from the age of six who are facing problems in their family environment.

Everyday issues such as clothing, food, potential diseases, studying, learning needs, psychological support, cultivation of particular aptitudes, children’s entertainment, which would be taken care of by the ordinary family, are treated seriously and responsibly by Chatzikiriakeio Foundation, in the most modern way using the assistance from a scientific and specialized staff.

Through joking, teasing, advice, admonishment, conflict and reconciliation, children are feeling the real interest of the staff surrounding them.

We want our children to feel that they are not deprived of capabilities or opportunities, therefore, along with their medical care, education or entertainment, we are here to support them financially and morally in order to fulfill their dreams and become equal members in the society.

By attaining the age of 18 years old, girls of Chatzikiriakeio Foundation complete their basic life cycle in the Foundation and they formally graduate, as provided in the Statute drafted by the founder himself, John Chatzikiriakos. But our efforts do not stop here. Our girls are being successful in higher educational institutions, particularly in the last few years.

Finally there is provision by the Founder for providing a marriage allowance to girls who are getting married.

Our goal is to meet as best as possible, the role of a parent who cares for his/her child-rearing and aims to bring up useful members and above all good people to society.

The biggest satisfaction for us in Chatzikiriakeio is that every child knows that even after leaving the Foundation, anytime she would need help and support in her life, Chatzikiriakeio would be on her side, as a loving parent, a friend and a companion in life.