The transformation of our wagon

The transformation of our wagon


September 1999. a terrible earthquake, centered at Parnitha mountain, struck Athens and the Hatzikyriakio Child Care Institution.  Our main residence was damaged and declared structurally unsafe. With the love of our foundation’s friends and the tireless efforts of our staff, we were able to create habitation units and settle in the surrounding area of our institution. A train wagon was given to us to be used as a study room for our girls, since space was very limited. We acquired prefabricated units to house our girls but the wagon remained on our premises to remind us of those difficult days and has become a part of our lives for the last 20 years.

The years passed and the train wagon, that was our comforting companion during our studying, decayed and lost its luster.

The friends of our foundation, however, were ready to step in and, once more, to help us continue our work with the children.

The multinational company PPG in the framework of their corporate social responsibility program, decided to cover the cost of refurbishing and painting the exterior of our train wagon.

PPG is an industry leader in the paints industry for over 130 years, and is well known for high quality, inovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to protect and beautify their products and surrounding areas.

The board of directors of the Hatzikyriakio Child Care Institution wholeheartedly thank the executives and employees of PPG for their active participation in the whole wagon reforming effort, showing great sensitivity to the environment of our children and contributing significantly to its upgrade. With your help, we maintain elements of the past that remind us of the course of Hatzikyriakio Child Care Institution and the unparalleled help of our friends over the years.