Volunteer services are the most precious gift for an organization.

They offer their time, love. They are dedicated and influence positively not only the operation of the Institution but also the lives of children and employees. Volunteers do not replace the employees on the contrary they complement the work of professionals by performing parallel activities, corresponding to the needs.

From the moment one becomes a member of this large family of volunteers of the Hatzikyriakio Institution, it does not matter how he/she chooses to offer their services. This interaction works constructively as volunteering cultivates cooperation, solidarity and social consciousness, creates mental satisfaction, and forges character with principles and values.

Volunteering is a lifestyle. It is a demand of our times. It gives a message of hope and optimism for tomorrow because it highlights and promotes the collective interest against individualism.

Volunteers are valuable helpers in achieving the vision of the Institution as they are unselfish and characterized by the passion for creation.

The activation of our volunteers takes place according to the needs that arise and according to their availability and desire. The volunteer can choose to work at home or in the Institution.

Volunteers, always with the supervision of professionals in the field, can contribute to the following areas:

  • Education:  Provided the volunteer has the status required by the position he/she could help at tutoring, creative employment, accompanying children to sports activities.
  • Household Economy: iron, sewing (simple alterations), dining arrangement.
  • Events: Depending on the skill or talent of the volunteer, he/she could contribute as an example in the organization of the Christmas or Easter bazaar. (Preparation of sweets, handcrafts, decoration, painting, knitting, sewing, covering attendance shifts during the bazaar, etc.).
  • Secretarial support: computer entries, archiving.
  • Manual Work: transports, equipment setup, space arranging.

You can get information of all our volunteer activities during the year .If you want to become a volunteer at the Hatzikyriakio Institution, please check if there is a specific need at this time.

We are looking forward to meeting to exchange views and ideas and explore ways of enriching lives of our children.